With Yonezawa in particular excelling at preserving whimsical while giving it a thoroughly progressive wrapper.
- Mark Sabbatini, All About Jazz

Yonezawa, a talent who deserves greater acclaim, acts like an expert typesetter on phrases, contextualizing them in boldface, italics, underline.
- Eric J. Iannelli, All About Jazz

Pianist, Megumi Yonezawa who has Monk type of rhythmic and harmonic sense. She success having her own way. Very exceptional.
- Eiji Kitazawa, Swing Journal Japan

Check out the pianist, Megumi Yonezawa who is a full of surprise. She starts her solo, carefully and leaves spaces, lyrically. It seems like she chooses her every single note with scrupulous care. However, when she builds it up, there is a great surprise.
- Shigeru Sugai, Jazz Critique Magazine Japan

Yonezawa shone on the piano as she spun out dense solos or nailed down a riveting rhythmic base.
- Jory Farr, The Columbus Dispatch

Megumi Yonezawa's piano that draws on a multitude of forms.
- Elliott Simon, All About Jazz

Japanese prodigy, Megumi Yonezawa.
- Thom Jureck, AMG All Music Guide

There is a remarkable Japanese pianist, Megumi Yonezawa.
- You Yamakawa, Jazz Life Japan

Yonezawa takes liberties.
- Ken Dryden, iTunes Album Review

Listen to the young pianist Megumi Yonezawa. Her performance here is a revelation of lyrical dissonance bent to the imperative of swing.
- Reviewer,

As for Megumi Yonezawa!!! What a wonderfully complex player she is. This person is somewhat of mix between Matthew Shipp and Cecil Tylor. Hopefully this talent will be heard of much more often in the near future.
- Reviewer,